By Julia Green

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Asunción is the capital of Paraguay


Paraguay gained independence from Spain in 1811. It was ruled by many dictators until 1993. After that, elections were held to determine a president.
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The office flag of the Republic of Paraguay. The Guarani Language and Spanish are the official languages.


Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America, bordered by Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. There are also many rivers. There are two major regions. The first is the Paranena, east of the Paraquay River. It is a fertile, cultivated landscape, with rolling hills, low mountains and subtropical forests. The second is the Chaco, west of the Paraguay River. It has hot scrub lands and low plains of the and covers about 60% of Paraguay's total land area.
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Political and Economic Information

Paraguay is a democracy and has a constitutional government. Horacio Cartes is the President.

The currency used is Paraguayan guaraní. The economic system is Capitalism.

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Paraguay is a little known, little visited country. But it is perfect for travelers who want to experience a true South America culture. There are tropical rainforests and beautiful rivers to explore. There are many exciting places to visit. Here are few......