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Bayyari Elementary School Newsletter, Springdale, AR

2020-2021, Issue 14, November 28, 2020

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Important Update!!!!

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Mrs. Johnson's Journaling

Limiting Screen Time

Technology is amazing and a huge part of our daily lives. However, too much of it can be quite harmful, especially to developing brains. Remember to put a strict limit on digital system use whether it is a tablet, TV, computer, or gaming system. It is also important that kiddos are not put to bed with a "screen." We know with remote learning, students will see an increase in screen time for school purposes. This makes it even more important that we limit the non-school screen time. Increasingly, our students are struggling with creative writing, story-telling, and play. Often, kiddos find it difficult to pay attention because the immediate gratification that screen applications provide are not part of the real world. Enjoy the fresh air. Watch the clouds. Play with a few non-digital toys. Join a team. Encourage your kiddos to engage their minds in a variety of non-digital ways.

Remote Teaching Schedule

Teachers will be meeting with students online during this time of remote learning for synchronous lessons. It is an expectation that students attend one of these learning times each day. Teachers will be offering a morning time and an afternoon time for these meetings. Reach out to your child's teacher if you haven't heard what times your child's lessons will be. Monday is Math. Tuesday is Reading/English Language Arts. Wednesday is Writing/ELD and Specials. Thursday is Social Studies. Friday is Science. Along with these synchronous lessons, students will have assignments posted in Seesaw or Google Classroom to complete each day. They will also be expected to use Lexia and Dreambox. This should be a full days work each day. I encourage you to build some time in their day for movement or outside play weather permitting. Lunch will be served through a pickup line at school and the link to sign up is below. Stay safe and keep learning!

Lexia Update

This week we had 32 students grow one level in Lexia Core 5! We are so proud of all the growth our students are making and especially proud of them working from home. Keep working on your Lexia minutes at home this week during remote learning and let's see how many students can level up!


We now have access to another digital learning program and it is for math. It is an adaptive program that pays attention to how fast and what strategies your child uses to solve their math problems and adapts as it goes. Please make sure your child uses Dreambox during remote learning as well. Dreambox and Lexia can both be found in your child's single sign on Clever and many k-1 teachers will push it out through the Seesaw app as well.

As always, we are here to help! Please contact us at (479)750-8760 or email us at

Mrs. Johnson

Register for Food Pickup During Remote Learning by clicking the link below

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Lost and Found

Please have your students check the lost and found if they are missing a jacket, lunchbox, or other item. Also, if you write your child's name on their things it makes it easier to get it back to them.


1) Please wash your child's mask daily. They can put their cloth mask in the bathtub or shower with them to wash and then hang to dry.

2) If your child is tested for coronavirus, please DO NOT send them to school until their test results are back. Please call the school with your child's test results.

3) If you are positive or your family has been exposed to coronavirus, please call the school at 479-750-8760 to let us know and also fill out the online COVID form at The school nurse is happy to help you fill out this form via phone.

4) Remind your child to be sure to wash their hands often, especially before they eat.

Nurse's Update

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There are many different types of masks. Most of them are efficient if you wear them correctly. Medical grade masks are designed to be the most efficient. However, I have seen several medical/surgical masks worn the wrong way. The metal bar needs to go at the top to seal the area around your nose. Also, the BLUE has to be on the OUTSIDE of the mask. Wearing the mask with the white on the outside decreased the filtration of air particles. If you do choose to wear a medical mask, be sure the COLOR is on the OUTSIDE.

School Breakfast and Lunch Menus

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Counselor's Corner

How to Create Strong Family Connections

In our current times, it is so much harder for working families to find the time to create those strong family connections. I found a very insightful article at This article was titled “How to Strengthen Family Bonds”. It gave wonderful suggestions to help build these strong connections.

· Set aside specific times for your family.

· Plan small trips as a family even if it’s a day trip.

· Make traditions together.

· Eat as a family.

· Do housework together as a family.

· Create a family mission statement.

· Meet together as a family to have discussions.

· Be a support network for one another.

· Make sure you have scheduled family downtime.

· Do volunteer work together as a family.

· Get involved in each other’s interests.

· Get together with other families.

Springdale Sonics Basketball

Springdale Sonics is looking for 5th grade boys and 2nd - 5th grade girls that are interested in playing in the Sonics league beginning January 9th at the Springdale Recreation Center. Anyone interested can contact League Director, James Dean at as soon as possible.

Upcoming Dates


30 - Remote Learning from Home


1-4 - Remote Learning from Home

4 - School Spelling Bee - those participating will come to the school at 1:15 on Friday and expect to be done by 2:30 pm

7 - Return to Learning at School