Fuel the Flux:

An Excursion in Flipped Teaching & Learning

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Flip into the Future Pre-Work Overview

Why Flip into the Future?

  • Check out this quick video about why this instructional approach works created by Dr. Lodge McCammon!
  • Imagine how Flipping your classroom can impact you as a teacher and your students' learning. Post any ideas, concerns, and questions to this Padlet.

Step #1: Dare to Dream!

  • It all begins with an IDEA! Determine 1 or more lesson topics/concepts that you want to create a Flipped Video about.

Step #2: Select your Hoverboard Style!

What style of Flipped Video do you want to create?

Check out the first minute of each video below to think about what style of flipped video you want to try out!

*Note: Think about what approach will best enhance what you want to teach.

Step #3: Fuel your Flux Capacitor!

Each unique Flipped Video will need a different type of fuel to charge your video! Based upon the style of video you selected, explore the tool below that will help make your video come to life!

Step #4: Get ready to Flip into the FUTURE!

  • Add to this Google Document to start brainstorming and gathering resources/information that you will need to help you be confident in flipping your lesson(s) with us in our workshop!

*Note: During our workshop you will have time to be supported with flipping your lesson (or lessons)! &/or you can also use this time to build out the activities that will go with your flipped video(s). The choice will be yours and you will be supported the whole way through!

Got Questions?

Reach out to your facilitator at any time! I'm here to help and coach you every step of the way! Feel free to e-mail or text me if there's anything I can help you with!