Crude Oil:



-China population: 543,776,000 million
-China did not produce a sufficient amount of oil during these times, the little it had was kept within the country. Lack of oil reserves.
China relied on importing oil from foreign countries.
-export did start in 1960-1975 mainly to japan. Offshore exploration exports increased to 20 million tons in 1985, before internal consumption began increasing faster than production. By 1993, internal demand for oil exceeded domestic production, and China became a net oil importer.
-China mainly imported from Saudi Arabia

In 1959, large reserves were discovered in Songhua Jiang-Liao basin in northeast China. The Daqing oil field in Heilongjiang Province started producing in 1960, and by 1963 was producing nearly 2.3 million tons of oil. Production from Daqing declined, but in 1965, oil fields in Shengli, Shandong , Dagang, and Tianjin yielded enough oil to nearly eliminate the need of importing crude oil.


-Population of China is 1.357 billion people
-Country is located: Eastern Asia, west coast of the pacific ocean, between latitudes 35° 0 North, and longitudes 105° 00' East
-China currently exports oil to: South Korea, Japan, and France
-China currently imports oil from: Saudi Arabia, Angola, Russia, Venezuela, and Kuwait
-The role China plays in avoiding world oil crisis: China has quickly risen to the top ranks in global energy demand over the past few years. China is the world's second-largest oil consumer behind the United States and became the largest global energy consumer in 2010. China being the leader in oil demand it has hundreds/thousands of oil reserves to maintain the demand in its country. Their are also treaties and policies in place in case a world problem.

-produce 1,642,000,000 barrels of crude oil but only use 4,088,000,000


China : 2050

-population of china will be a estimation of 7.8 billion people.

- will produce 4,621,000,000 barrels of crude oil and will approximately use 2 times what it makes a day, annually.

Chinas alternative energy plan will be solar pannels, hypropower, and wind turbines.