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June 2023


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Thank you to all parishes who have designated a Parish Point Person for the upcoming Parish Year of the National Eucharistic Revival. The Parish Year begins this month, on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. It is a special year to guide your parish through the four invitations:

Reinvigorating Worship
Providing opportunities for a personal encounter with Jesus
Creating robust faith formation for all ages
Inviting the fallen away back and reaching the margins

To reflect on what these might mean for your parish, click on the link below to watch the video presentations!


Upcoming Virtual Trainings in Spanish Language

Click on the Aivivamiento Link below to find the summer dates for 5 Sessions around the Eucharistic Revival with National Presenters.

Presentaciones patrocinadas por las siguientes organizaciones

Arquidiocesis de Galveston-Houston /Diocesis of Dallas / Federacion de Catequesis con Hispanos

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SAVE THE DATE: JULY 25 for a luncheon with OSV and Kathie Amidei

More details to come!
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New Leader's Institute is August 29

This day is for all who are new, as well as returning to, Catechetical Ministry. It's an important day to gather new staff members for insight into policies, methods, materials and more! If you are hiring new staff this summer, please direct them to this orientation day, which will help start them off with the knowledge that will be most helpful in their new role. If you began a ministry position during this programming year, come and catch your breath and have the opportunity to ask questions, reflect on challenges and engage in fellowship with your peers in ministry! To join this free day, email Leslie at leslie.barkin@dor.org. We will gather at the Pastoral Center in Gates from 9 am to 3 pm. Lunch will be provided.

Professional Development Day Planned for September 14

Please make plans to join us ,Thursday, September 14 for a Professional Development Day.

During the morning session we will offer the first half of the Mental Health First Aid training. This training is ideal for all in parish ministries and we hope you will take the opportunity to learn some important strategies in providing pastoral care to parishioners of all ages! Our afternoon session will focus on Best Practices in Relational Ministry. These will be ROUND-ROBIN sessions focused on best practices that lend themselves to successful relational ministry. What is your best practice? We want you to take part! We are seeking 6-8 leaders who will share a 15 minute session on a best practice in their parish. What types of topics are we seeking?

  • Best practice in forming bonds with parents and grandparents
  • Reaching today's teens
  • Children's programming that sets a course for lifelong formation
  • Accompanying individuals and families through tough times
  • Helping individuals of all ages to meet Jesus in Sacramental and daily life
  • Best practices in engaging new families (especially newly married, baptism or RCIA families)
  • Best practices in evangelizing those on the margins
  • Connecting with catechists
  • Collaborating with staff

Please download and fill-in the handout below. All "applications" are due by June 1, so that we can structure the day and create valuable resource files for this event!

Catechetical Sunday is Scheduled for September 17

Materials are now available from the USCCB for download!

Upcoming Workshops from NCPD

Check out these important summer offerings from the National Catholic Partnership on Disability:
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This was an educational series to help ministry leaders learn more about young adults and what it means to form community with them. You can find the session recordings below.


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In support of the National Eucharistic Revival, the National Catholic Committee on Scouting has initiated a Eucharistic Revival Award. The goal of this award is to find a way for all Catholics, young and old, to revive their faith and love of Jesus through prayer and the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. This award has a main central patch and an opportunity to earn eight auxiliary patches, five of which can be worn surrounding the central patch. For the main patch, the requirement is: Attend Sunday Mass and receive the Eucharist (if made First Communion and have no moral impediment) for 12 weeks, preferably consecutively. The themes and requirements for each of the auxiliary awards are as follows:

  • Reconciliation – Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (or study the ten commandments if applicant has not made First Penance).
  • Rosary – Pray one rosary of each of the joyful, luminous, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries.
  • Family Prayer – Participate in a family prayer at least weekly for 12 weeks.
  • Parish Ministry – Be active in ministry in your parish, such as altar server, choir member, lector, extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, usher (as age appropriate).
  • Eucharistic Adoration – Attend a Eucharistic Adoration (preferably with family).
  • Eucharistic Miracles – Learn about and discuss five Eucharistic miracles.
  • Eucharistic Procession – Participate in a Eucharistic procession.
  • Eucharistic Activity – For younger youth, attend a Catholic activity where the theme is the Eucharist; for older youth and adults, attend a retreat where the theme is the Eucharist.

This award is open to all Catholics from first grade level and older. So, it can even be something that a faith formation class or family faith group pursues together! The award can be earned from now until the end of the National Eucharistic Revival in 2025. While the eight auxiliary activities can and should be earned while working on the central patch award, the central patch activity – regular attendance at Sunday Mass – is the foremost goal of any of these activities. Hence it needs to be earned first before any other awards are given. Once the central patch is earned, work on the auxiliary patch requirements may continue until the conclusion of the National Eucharistic Revival.

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July 7-9, 2023

St. John Fisher University

The GDK Conference will soon be here! Encourage your young people to register today!

This is an excellent opportunity for rising high school juniors and seniors (i.e. current 10th and 11th graders) to gain valuable skills and help them stand out among their peers as student leaders today and into the future. GDK focuses building a more just world, and includes keynotes, workshops, and hands-on opportunities to turn faith into action!

Navigating TikTok with Teens: How Ministers can Support Parents

Tuesday, June 13

2:00 p.m.

A webinar co-hosted by NFCYM and Axis Ministries, aimed at helping ministers support parents in navigating the world of TikTok with their teenage children. With the increasing prevalence of social media in the lives of young people, it is essential for parents to understand and guide their children through possibilities and pitfalls. In this webinar, youth ministers will learn practical tips to help parents engage with their teen's use of TikTok and facilitate open and honest conversations around Christ-centered digital citizenship and online safety.

Invitation from Notre Dame Retreat House

Have you been looking for a great place to hold a Youth Ministry or Confirmation Retreat?

Notre Dame Retreat House is the ideal location for such events. Let us focus on you so you can focus on retreat.

WE offer:

  • Meeting space(s), bedrooms, chapel, and meals all in one building
  • Prepared meals so your time can be spent on the spiritual needs of your group
  • Comfortable rooms with linens and towels and ability to separate teens from adults
  • Ample outdoor grounds for group activities

WE welcome the opportunity to be part of your 2023/2024 Program Year plans. Give us a call today . . . we are here to answer any questions. Better yet, come and see us and find out why Notre Dame Retreat House is the best place for youth retreats.

Act Soon! Space is filling up!

Notre Dame Retreat House

5151 Foster Rd., Canandaigua, NY 14424

585-394-5700 ndretreat@rochester.rr.com


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As we prepare for and begin the second year of the US’s Eucharistic Revival, Don takes a moment to ponder how the revival can inspire our sacramental formation.

Sacramental Snippet Eucharistic Revival Year Two

Confirmation Wrap-Up

Please be sure to record the Confirmations in your Sacramental Registries. If they were baptized in your parish, please update their baptismal registry, and if they were baptized elsewhere, please notify the parish of baptism so they can update their records.

Those Confirmations at the Cathedral: Sacred Heart Cathedral keeps an informal record of all Confirmations so they can direct individuals to the correct parish if they call. Beginning this year, I will also be keeping a digital copy of those records. Please email the previously distributed form, filled out, to Michele Kelly at the Cathedral and to Don at the Pastoral Center ASAP. (If you have previous years’ form saved, Don will gladly add it to his database as well.)

We will be collecting numbers for next year over the summer. Watch your email and the newsletter for the link when it comes out. You will need the following information when you register:

  • Parish(es) information
  • Coordinator Name & Email
  • Music Coordinator Name(s) & Email(s)
  • Number of Candidates
  • One Week your parish CANNOT celebrate (I can only guarantee one week that you will not be scheduled.)
  • Additional factors I will TRY to honor when scheduling (evening Masses, pastors’ day off, parish meeting nights, etc.)
  • Parish collaborations to do our best to schedule together
  • If you will need ASL Interpreter or Spanish translation

Adult Initiation

Until the new translation of the OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation of Adults) is returned from the Vatican and approved by the USCCB, the RCIA text should still be used. We will begin referring to "Adult Initiation" to avoid confusion during the transition from RCIA to OCIA.

Here are two helpful documents as parishes plan their year:

FCLC Webinar Series on the Liturgical Books

The Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions has a number of good webinar series that you might find helpful in planning your programs or just for your own learning. Check out this one on the Liturgical Books: https://fdlc.org/2021/03/formation-series-the-liturgical-books/

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Welcome to LISA MILANO, who will be joining the the staff at Holy Spirit and St. Joseph's in Webster and Penfield. Lisa will be serving as a Director of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry and will focus on grades 6 and up!

Best wishes to Liana Wolford and her husband, on the recent birth of their daughter, whose presence we have enjoyed at some of our recent events!!

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