Co-Ed Professional Sports


Women should not be able to play professional sports with the opposite sex. Recruiters and men's professional management should know not to bring women to an all male sport, because of the overall advantage men have.


Many discrepancies will happen if women are brought into male professional sports. One of these involving the common media. Women will be patronized along with major sexist comments against the women. The media will tear up the idea.

Adding A Girl To The NBA?

In the year of 2013, Mark Cuban (self made billionaire), tried adding a girl of the name Brittany Griner to the NBA. There was a lot of controversy as the media ripped the idea in half, thus the idea faded into oblivion.
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Would The Media Approve?

The media tore the idea of Brittney Griner joining the NBA, therefore it is believed that adding other girls to the NBA would fall through. Suppose there were girls drafted to professional male sports, would the televised games get the same support? It is believed that the game may be ruined for the mental disability for the men not wanting to hurt the girls. The idea of girls joining male professional sports should just stay dormant.