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This week's Convergence Conversation features a talk from Q Commons by Scott Hagan, lead pastor of Real Life Church, showing us how fatherlessness is a root issue, not just another issue...

Scott Hagan Q Commons

How big is the problem of fatherlessness, really?

Fatherlessness is a root. It is not a result. When you treat fatherlessness as a symptom instead of a source, you lose and miss the sense of urgency that is required to address this in a way that it has the possibility of changing the course of history. Fatherlessness is a pandemic disease infiltrating our world, this is a scheme from the enemy that we cannot take lightly.

Who is Scott Hagan?

Scott Hagan holds the position of lead pastor of Real Life Church and is a national leader for the Church Multiplication Network, holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and is currently working toward his Doctorate in leadership from Gonzaga University. Thousands of leaders from all over the world, including professional athletes, public and private sector teams, churches and corporate CEO’s have all found Scott’s teachings on leadership to be highly valuable. He is also a popular blogger and leadership voice on social media, including his “Note2Leaders” Facebook site which has over 100,000 followers.

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