Adaptive Art grip

larger grips

purpose of device and who uses it

1. Larger grips device

2. The purpose of this device it to help individuals how do not have good pincer grasp or small motor function be able to draw or paint.

3. People who can use this device include people with Cerebral palsy, Multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, or central cord injuries that affects the hand functioning, arthritis and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

where can I get this

Jumbo Pencil Grip (set 3) $15.50

The Jumbo Pencil Grip is like the Pencil Grip only larger and longer

This grip can be purchased from

Sensory Corner: Sensory motor and therapy equipment

Contact information

The Sensory Corner

Ph: 0800 34 34 38

Auckland(09)524 4708

Fax (09) 524 4816

my devices

For my first device I bough magic mold (4.99) and took a colored pencil and wrapped it around that pencil then molded my hand to the pencil.

For my second hand grip I took a paint brush and used pipe cleaners and braided them together then wrapped that around the brush and I used the magic mold to make the pipe cleaners stay, I then purchased a piece of copper piping to go over the top of that so that t was a smooth surface to grip.

how can this be used for others

Another way this could work for another group is if you put weight on it for someone with Parkinson’s so that it gave them more stability.