Lunsford's Leaders

Weekly Newsletter

Help Needed!

We are in need of some volunteers for our water day and activities. We will need volunteers on Monday June 8th to help fill p water balloons and we will need a volunteer from Tuesday June 9th from 8:15-11:20 to help run a water station. Let me now if you would be willing to help.


Yearbooks have arrived!!!

For those families that did not purchase a yearbook during our pre order time period it is not too late to get a copy. We will sale the rest of our yearbooks on a first come first serve basis starting Monday Jun 8th through the last day of school June 11th. Students will need to simply bring $15 in cash or a check made out to Blackburn Elementary from 7:30-8:00 am during June 8th-11th. Parents are also welcome to come to the school to purchase a year book during the same days and times. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school.

What We Are Learning

We are continuing to compare different fairy tales and discussing characters, setting, theme, and plot. We have read Hansel and Gretel, The Tree Little Pigs and Rumpelstiltskin this week.

We have also begun talking about fables and the lessons fables teach. We have looked at pictures and discussed what is happening in the pictures and predicting what the lesson will be before reading the fable.

We are reviewing concepts in math and finishing our county wide math assessment packet.

The students are working on their end of year memory book as well. I am enjoying reading what the student's favorite second grade memories are!

Themed Days!

June 4- Superhero Day- Students may dress as their favorite superhero. We will be playing bingo, writing about super powers, and eat super sundaes.

June 5- Western Day- Students may dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl. We will be making western themed crafts and eating smores just before we learn to line dance!

June 8th- Pirate Day- Students may dress as a pirate. We will be rotating classrooms and doing a variety of pirate activities. As well as walking the plank!

June 9- Luau Day- This will be our water day. Please have students bring a towel, a change of clothes, a bottle of water, and a packed lunch for our picnic.

June10- Awards Day- I will contact you inviting you to join us if your child is receiving an award. Unfortunately we have a very limited number of awards and a large number of talented and hard working students so not everyone will be recognized in the awards ceremony.

June 11- LAST DAY! Students may dress as their favorite Frozen character and we will be watching the Frozen movie and eating ice pops.

Upcoming Dates

*June 5- All library books due

*June 10- Awards at 10:30

*June 11- Last day of school for students

*June 18- Report Cards go home (if you have sent stamps to your child's teacher)

*June 4, 5, 8, 9, 11- Theme Days

Contact Information

828-466-7065 ext. 1240