$8 Billion dollar Burial Site?

The Taj Mahal

A Buiding of Jewel

Would you build a beautiful, white marble, $8 billion dollar building of jewel for the person you love the most?? Well, Shah Jahan sure did! He built the most beautiful building for his favorite wife!

The reason the Taj Mahal was built

The while reason the Taj Mahal was built was because of Shah Jahan's tragedy of his most beloved wife . She died while giving birth to her 14th child. As a way to remember her, he built the Taj Mahal so she could be buried her inside there, to honor there great love together, and so she was buried in the jewel of Islam.

Beautiful place to visit

During The Construction

During the construction of the Taj Mahal there was about 20,000 workers. In order not to replicate any designs. Shah Jahan wanted it to be beautiful and he succeeded. So he cut off all of the workers fingers.

Pictures Of Shah Jahan& his wife

After The Construction

After the construction for the Taj Mahal. The designs were amazing. It was magnificent. With white marble and also had semi-precious stone including jade, crystal etc. which created beautiful designs


Still today in India it still stands 360 years old. People visit it and get to view the Jamuna River and also four more reflecting pools, and still remains beautiful and precious