Metal Detector

History of Metal Detector

  • created by Alexander Graham Bell
  • invented in 1881
  • used an electromagnet to search for metal
An early metal detector

Fun Facts

  • Bell used the first metal detector to search for the bullet lodged in President James Garfield but was unable to find the bullet
  • Metal Detector was thrown off by metal springs in Garfield's bed
  • could only detect metal up to a few inches

Impact On Second industrial Revolution

  • had little impact on revolution due to its inefficiency
  • had a bigger impact after revolution when it was patented and improved by Gerhard Fisher

Metal Detectors Today

  • have become primarily handheld
  • have a much longer range to detect metal


Precision cat's whisker detector by Alfred Powell Morgan. Image is available for use in public domain

Metal Detector by en:RadicalBender. This image is available for use in the public domain.

Alexander Graham Bell by an unknown author. This image is available for use in public domain.