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Issue 3.1 | April 11, 2014

The Polls Issue

This issue is our first poll workshop. During this workshop we asked people what they prefer out of his or her topic and I believe everyone has enjoyed this issue and I hope you do too.

-The Editor

Favorite Cupcake Flavors by Mia T.

I did a poll on which kind of cupcake people like. I select the choices of, chocolate chip, red velvet, chocolate, white, and other. I choose those choices because I knew people like those flavors, but I wanted to know who. Red velvet got the most votes with eighteen. Then chocolate with a score of eight, and chocolate chip with five. White got four votes and other only two, and those two flavors are Butterfingers and Chocolate Raspberry which sound so good. Some reasons people choose red velvet- “It tastes good,” “The taste is not too sweet,” and “Because it is red and I like red.” Those that liked chocolate said- “I love all chocolate, and baking it was the best idea of mankind.” Chocolate chip people said- “Because the chunks of chocolate give a really nice kick to the sweet with flavor.” The voters who said white say that white - “is sweet and tasteful.” The “others” category said- “The butterfingers has a nicer tang then the other choices” and “The chocolate razz, as I like to say, is in a league of its own.” Personally, I like chocolate chip- it is just irresistible. Next time you bring a birthday snack into school I recommend that you bring in red velvet cupcakes because the majority of the people will love this!

Which team is better or worse? By Dylan C.

In spirit of the baseball season start this article will be published to pick your favorite maybe just whichever team you hate the least. The candidates are part of the classic rivalry between the Boston Red Sox champions from last year and New York Yankees the 27-time winners. Whom will you pick?

You can pick here at this link

Please tell us why you picked your pick below!

Favorite Music by Michael C.

The favorite types of music are Pop, Rap, Country, Rock, and Other. Pop had 10 votes, Rap had 8 votes, Country had 3 votes, Rock had 7 votes, and Other had 9 votes. I did it because I was curious to see what my fellow classmates thought was the best type of music.

From this poll I figured out that the majority of my classmates and other classes like pop music the most. I like Rap or Country the most but pop doesn’t fit me as well. The majority likes Pop with 10 votes even though it may be the favorite I don't like it the most. I think pop was going to be the most voted and it deserved it, mostly because everyone loved it and it is probably the most popular music in the world.

Favorite TV Shows by Taimur D.

For my poll article, I decided to ask people about their favorite TV show. It was a closed poll so I picked the TV shows. I included some popular shows which were Family Guy, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and How I met your Mother and if someone didn’t like any of those shows you can pick none. I polled twelve people and the most popular show was The Walking Dead with five people. They liked because it was suspenseful and the survival element made the show enjoyable. The second most popular was Breaking Bad with 3 people. Those people liked because it was interesting and the episodes always had a new problem. Family guy tied Breaking Bad because it was just FUNNY. Finally How I Met your Mother got zero oh well. Then one person said none— I guess that person watches different TV shows. At the end people watch different shows and there is a good balance of different shows that people watch in the middle school.

Nae Nae by T. M.

I did a poll on who knows how to nae nae. I polled 36 people and out of those 36 people 1 person knew how to nae nae. A nae nae is a short dance that lots of pro athletes will do to celebrate after a good play. From this poll I learned that most people do not know how to nae nae. At the bottom of the article is a link of Paul George of the Indiana pacers and John Wall on the Washington Wizards doing the nae nae at the 2014 dunk commotion. There is also a song that goes with the nae nae it is called Drop That Nae Nae by We Are Toonz.

John Wall #NaeNae
We Are Toonz - Drop That Nae Nae (Instrumental)

Favorite Gaming Systems by James B.

For my poll I did favorite gaming systems. I did it because I like gaming systems especially the Xbox 360. I asked everyone in chase courant and a bunch of people in the middle school. I learned during my data that Xbox one won the pool, Xbox 360 was next, then ps4, then ps3, then pc and last Wii u. I also learned that some people picked the gaming system if it had a certain game that was for it and not another gaming system. Some people haven't tried other gaming systems or don't want to so they say one that they have tried and then the answer is not technically true.

Favorite Candy by Jamal C.

The topic of this poll was candy. The choices were KitKat, Snickers, Starburst, Skittles, and Hershey’s. KitKat got 8 votes, Snickers got 5, Starburst got 2 and Hershey’s got 4. In my opinion, I really thought that Starburst would win because it was bursting in flavor and juice which would want you craving for more. My second choice would have been Snickers mainly because it was the combination of things kids love like caramel. My third choice would have been Skittles because it is sugar packed and I have a big sweet tooth. My last choice would be Hershey’s because I really don't like chocolate that much and Hershey is a pure bar of chocolate. In conclusion I think that Kit Kat had the most votes because it had just the perfect amount of chocolate and crunch to satisfy your candy needs.

New Books to Read by Kylee M.

How many of you want a good read? One? Two? Well, here’s a poll that will give you a good idea of what series you should read. Books can be a doorway into a whole new world, but it’s up to you to get to it. So, I asked ten eighth graders which series are their favorite out of three given choices: Harry Potter, the Ranger’s Apprentice, and the Warriors Series.

When I went around asking people which series was their favorite, I found that out of tem people, two of them hated all three series; one because he had never heard of any of the series, but another said that Harry potter was boring.

Seven others liked Harry Potter better than any of the others. Students said that Harry potter was original, and they enjoyed the characters used throughout the story. They said that the story had great imagery, describing the scenes very well. However, one person only chose Harry Potter because they didn’t know the others! I feel that we need to put some more diversity into the reading lives of students.

The Ranger’s Apprentice is another well-written series provided by our school library. It’s a gripping novel with fantastic plots and characters. And yet only one person in the eighth grade has heard of it. I mean, come on! Dwyer Grimes states that the Ranger’s Apprentice has an amazing story line, with lots of twists and turns. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who is interested in action, adventure, and mystery.

The Warriors Series had no votes. I mean, really! We have an entire collection of them, and nobody reads them. The Warriors Series has lots of action, and it is written from the point of cats! This series is full of adventure and action, but it is not for the weak of heart, as there is a bit of violence in it. Still, the series is an amazing point of view, and a good read for the adventurous among you.

Our school needs to read more. People are neglecting amazing books, and the three series mentioned are very good. Come on, everybody likes some good adventure, like in Harry Potter, or something full of action, like the Warriors Series. Books full of mystery, like the Ranger’s Apprentice, are great to read. But what startled me most was the fact the people just chose a book because they didn’t know the others. Video games are cool, I know, I have them, but with books you could actually go someplace. People should read more to expand and learn, not just sit around and play games.


In my poll, I asked what peoples favorite sport is, it was a closed poll and the options were: basketball, soccer, snowboarding/skiing, football, baseball, other, and none. While taking the poll I found that the most chosen was “other,” and nobody chose “none.” I think the fact that “other” was the most chosen shows how much my peers vary in what they like to do. The second most chosen option is basketball, third was tied between soccer, baseball, and football. I think it is good to do a sport as much as possible and I would advise doing any activities that include physical work. Please pass it on that exercising is good.


So I did a poll on what sneakers people preferred and the #’s where outstanding because there was a very big majority liked Nike sneakers. The choices were out of Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, New balance, and reebok. I used to wear reeboks which I didn't like too much so I switched to under armour. At this point I have had three under armour sneakers. I personally think that under armours are the best but a lot of people seem to like Nike sneakers. One of the people that liked Nike sneakers said that they liked the Nike sneakers more because the performance of the sneakers. For example they meant that you can use them for jogging, basketball, and much more. They are really good for running and do not fall apart in a heartbeat.

Brought to you by Green Leaf Productions (aka Dylan C.)