Digital Citizenship Project

Luis A P.2

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the act of being good in any website not being a cyberbully and digital citizenship is important because so you won't hurt others feelings and you won't get kicked off a website treat others like you want to be treated. There is other people with feelings behind a screen. Do not share any private information and have an adult check out websites also don't try to be caught in a scam or have a person keep on spamming or get hacked.

Digital Etiquette

One rule is that do not post a rude comment, try to treat others you want to be treated and say things that you would say just in reality.

Information Privacy

Do not go on a website without looking at the Terms of Use and don't give any personal information away until you look at the Term of Use in a website because they can hack your computer and/or give you a virus.

Social Networking

Don't post a comment that you don't want anyone to see like parents and don't post personal photos also don't chat with people you don't know online.

Online Safety

Have an adult to check out the website with you also if you're posting personal pictures and if someone is typing in rude comments report them to the website administrator also if you don't know people in a website ignore their messages.


Tell an adult or the website admin about the cyberbully and don't type anything when you are angry or depressed. Don't fight back with the cyberbully because they most likely want to see a reaction from you. Show a picture of a comment from the bully and show the website administrator.


Plagiarism is when you copy something from a source. You have to credit the author by putting quotation marks around the sentence(s) and put the author's name to show who you got the notes from. Plagiarism is like cheating.


You cannot make a book or a play if something is copyrighted so you have to ask the owner. There is a limit for how long something can be copyrighted until it is distributed to public and anyone can use it freely.