And Another Full Moon in the Books!

September 19-23, 2016

Calendar and Duties

Monday: SB 319 meeting Gerloff’s office

Tuesday: Jana grades 3-5 and 6B

Wednesday: Faculty Meeting-this could go until 5:00

Thursday: Mid-terms go home, Gerloff at a conference

Friday: Dino assembly PreK-2-I do not remember what time sorry, Jana with K-2

Parking Lot Duty: Mayotte

Music Hallway: Trammell

Library Hallway: Mayotte is what I have on the schedule, good luck cloning yourself

Detention: Monday: Watson

Tuesday: Vogel

Thursday: Goodman

Character Trait for September: Responsibility, so maybe we won’t do this. I haven’t heard from Chick-fil-A and I have to admit defeat. How about if you send me kids to the office that have done something great? Maybe a principal positive referral form? Student council could maybe create something…


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Reading Fridays:

So ROAR was the winner (Reach Out And Read) Might have to change the “reach out” part if they start to reach out. The writing vertical team said YES to this idea. On Fridays while vertical teams are working students need to read silently. This is difficult for K and 1 so for them we would like to see them read themselves for 15 minutes and then the teacher could read to them for 15 minutes. Marci will be looking for some simple comprehension sheets so you can conference with students. This would be a great time for book groups. Relax and read!

I am still pouting-I wanted OSCAR time-we could have Red Carpet Readers! Maybe next year :( You do have to admit BARF would have been really funny. :)

Fluency in grades 4-6:

Progress monitoring in fourth-sixth grade-I would like for you to do this whole group once a week. Reading A-Z has some fluency pages you could use or use the progress monitoring pages in DIBELS. Teach the students how to “grade” fluency reading. I would love for you to have them mark their data so they can see how they are doing-like the front of the progress monitoring booklet. If you have no idea what I want from you let me know and I will come in and do a fluency lesson for you. Reading A-Z there are two accounts: newbl65063-004 with wildcat as the password and jgerloffa with wildcat as the password.


Like CPS Science on facebook. I think maybe they are on twitter too?? @CpsScience is that a twitter thing?

Elizabeth told me about the science guy in Columbia that writes science articles for the Columbia Tribune-check them out.

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Text vs texting!!

So Marci was teaching about finding evidence from the text-be careful! She had a student who was thinking of “text” as a message on a cell phone. So when the kids read something here are some common words they might hear: portion, text, piece, excerpt, passage, selection, article. That’s all I could think of today

Writing Vertical Team Meeting:

Grades 5 and 6-bibliography lessons, look at your graphic organizers use them consistently, think about having a bucket of sharpened pencils for ready access for students-no wasting time on sharpening pencils. I hope to hang up some writing samples in the teacher lunch room so you can see just how far we come from kindergarten to sixth grade!


Tuesday-grades 3,4, 5 and 6B (Jen). Two hour blocks: 8:30 third grade, 10:30 Fifth and Sixth ELA teacher (please let Jana eat lunch during this time), 1:00 Fourth grade. Then on Friday she will work with K-2, 8:30 first grade, Kindergarten 10:30, you will have to split Casey’s class I only have two subs) Second grade 1:00. Expect to review your ELA time, learn strategies, ask questions

Science Vertical Team Meeting on Friday

I did change some of the “subs” for the teams, I needed to fit sixth grade in the concept. Cordwell and Campbell do breakfast duty so they come to your rooms a little later. At this meeting I want Elizabeth to talk about what she learned at her conference. We will talk about ways to integrate reading skills into science, how we can add more hands on activities into our science curriculum.







Rodriguez/Piening-can someone tell her when you see her in case I forget