Friday Focus

Friday, April 11, 2014

Second week of April over already?

Today is our regular monthly jeans day!

Don't forget the 4th grade "Open House" of social studies projects. They will be available for viewing at 1:45 in the Cenacle Room.

Kindergarteners will be dismissed after lunch today so the teachers can get ready for Kindergarten round-up.

Please make an extra effort to attend "Willy Wonka" tonight or on Saturday night at the Johnny Carson theater. Students notice (and they love it) when their teachers and former teachers come to see them perform.

Our Home & School Easter Egg Hunt is this Sunday at 1 PM. It coincides with our Parish Cleanup Day, which starts at 2 PM. Please attend if you can!

Click the link below! I think the "Daily Positive" site will be a good one to look at, but I really want you to watch the 3 minute video and give me your feedback. Tell me you don't get choked up when the little girl comes home from school--there's no way you won't!

Another video question:

Speaking of "positive" videos, did any of you watch the complete 16 minutes of "Validation?" This is the video that I showed the first 3 minutes of at the February staff meeting. Remember, the guy is validating parking, but he's actually making everyone feel better about himself/herself. Until he falls for the woman at the DMV....

Watch that video here....

Validation-An Award Winning Short Film (2007)

Next Week:

Now that you're "validated" and you've spent 20 minutes watching positive videos, make a promise to yourself to write one more PraiseNote than you did last week. So if you wrote 5 this week, write 6 next week; if you wrote 3 this week, write 4 next week; if you wrote 0 this week, write 1 next week (you gotta start somewhere!)

Sunday, April 13 Easter Egg Hunt--1 PM

Parish Clean Up--2 PM

Wednesday, April 15 Mayor's Leadership Breakfast--6 AM

Pie-in-the-Eye Assembly--2:30 PM

Home & School Meeting--7 PM



Book Fair--April 23-25

Muffins with Mom--April 23