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Key Components to ISTE NETS-S standards

Digital Citizenship is listed as the fifth component to the ISTE NETS-S standards. Therefore, as teachers it is our responsibility to inform our students of the importance of creating a positive digital footprint. How are they to know how to practice appropriate legal and ethical behavior if they are not taught how to attain that?

How to help students learn about Digital Citizenship

Cyber Saftety

There are numerous our resources out there for teachers to use to help their students (at any grade level) learn about digital citizenship, and have fun while doing it! I found many resources to use for first grade through third grade! I think that for a grade as young as first grade, this is a great website for them to use to enjoy learning about this topic! As far as second grade goes, I found yet another website that had games for second graders to play, because I think that at this level, much like first grade, a game would be the best way to keep them cognitively engaged about their learning! Lastly, I found a website for third graders to be involved in learning about cyber safety!
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