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"Only ask and I will give you the nations"

Thank you for praying for "Operation Christmas Surprise!"

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One week ago today, we did the craziest thing.

It was something we had never done before in ministry but we were sure that the Holy Spirit had directed us to do. We picked up eight Buddhist friends from an unreached village in Myanmar and brought them to an evangelistic crusade in Bangkok. To be honest, we were a little concerned for our friends who have lived in a remote jungle their whole lives. After all, they had to fly on a plane for the first time and face the crowds of Bangkok! But these teachers and uncles had already sacrificed a lot and faced severe opposition from work and family to come. So we knew that they were up for the adventure!
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The day before the crusade, we took the teachers to some beautiful parks and gardens in. It was great to see them start to relax and have fun.

Thank you for praying for the MCA Crusade. 215 people made decisions to follow Jesus Christ and 163 people were baptized!

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A total of 11 seekers from our Lighthouse churches believed and were baptized! Hallelujah!

Five new believers were baptized from our new church plant in Bang Phlii!

Five new believers were baptized from our church in Bang Sai ..including 2 M*sl*m men!

One new Believer from Bo Thong was baptized.

As for the teachers from Myanmar...One woman, a principal, became offended and angry with us when she was invited to follow Christ.

The other seven-teachers, uncles and relatives, said that they believed Jesus died for their sins. They gladly gave their lives to Christ. But they were not yet ready to be baptized. This was strictly forbidden by the monks in their village. Please pray with us that they will understand all that Christ has sacrificed for them so that they will be willing to endure suffering for HIM! Pray that they will hunger to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

When I asked Isaiah's uncle what he learned at the crusade he said, over and over again, "No one ever told us that Jesus Christ is God's Son and that he died for all our sins!" As the senior leader of the village, he said, "I believe everything those Pastors said is true! I have been a Buddhist for 60 years! But now I want to study the Bible with you and learn more."

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The Power Of God At Work

This past Sunday, we were excited to see all five Bang Sai baptized believers back at church. I asked the young men, "what happened to you at the crusade last week?"

One man told us, "I have been working in Thailand for four months. This whole time, I have not been able to sleep at night in this new country. But since I gave my life to Christ and was baptized, I have peace. I have slept straight through the night for a whole week!"

Another man got up and told the church, "I have been a Buddhist my whole life. I never knew anything about God and his power and love before now. I have nose bleeds every day. They prayed for me at the crusade that God would heal me. For a whole week now, I have not had a nose bleed! Thank you God, for healing me!"

My M*sl*m friend told me, "Ajaan Louise, I want to be an intern and study the Bible with you. I want to learn how to go out and tell other M about all that God has done for me. I studied to be a teacher in my faith for seven years. It was so strict and so hard. I could not be good and perfect like they wanted me to be. Now I am so relieved that I am saved by the grace of God and not my own works!"

These miracles of Salvation and Multiplication could not have happened without the power of prayer! There were literally thousands of people praying for this crusade last weekend! Thank You!!

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This Christmas, would you pray about giving to mbmission's Burmese Church Planting Ministry? We currently do not have enough funds to meet our budget.

We are working on three significant projects in Thailand and Myanmar right now:

We are SOWING the Good News by sending evangelists into the least reached areas of Thailand and Burma to share the Gospel and lead Buddhists, Animists and M's to Saving-faith in Jesus Christ.

We are Growing new groups with weekly discipleship and activation.

Secondly, we are helping local pastors start small agricultural businesses to create sustainability and supply our workers with an income for their families.

We are Harvesting new leaders through local Discipleship training and our church planting internship.

Here are a few ways you can partner together with us and our amazing team of workers.

Perhaps you can help in one or two areas?


1. $1,500 for a motorcycle for use in Burma. (1000.00 for the bike/500.00 for upkeep and petrol)

2. $5,000 to replace the bamboo hut for a wood house so that we can worship with the new believers and make disciples.

3.$10,000. Passports/visas per year for our interns in training to come out of hiding. That is, to stop them from being illegally trafficked victims to holding a passport and living in Thailand, legally.

Click on the red button to partner with us financially.

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3. $10,000 for Agricultural projects and supplies for poor Burmese pastors who would like to have a small business to supplement their income and provide for their family.

Click on the red button to partner with us financially.

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4. $10,000 for Training Leaders and planting new churches.

When I asked Zinko, our newest intern what he liked about the Global Disciples Training course that we ran, he said, "I liked EVERYTHING! I have only been a Christian for one year and I have never had the opportunity to study the Bible before!"

You may want to ask us, "How are you becoming self-sustaining?" We are excited to report that our four church plants in Thailand all pay for their own rent and some worker support through local tithing.

Click on the red button to partner with us financially.

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As you eat your Christmas Eve dinner this year, would you please pray for boldness, safety and unity to be upon the lives of these young men who have graduated from our Global Disciples Training in November? They will go to Myanmar December 24 to preach the Gospel in the un-reached villages we are targeting!

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Merry Christmas! We are thankful for your partnership. God Bless you!

Please give to our project 0702 at