Broadway Bound


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Preparing for Summer Camp

Hello Broadway Bound Moana, Jr. Families!

We are so excited to get the summer started with your family, and we can't wait to welcome all of you to our program on July 12th. Please be sure to read the email below for information related to this year's summer program.

Welcome to our new email format for Summer 2021. We know you've got a lot going on, so we will be sending high-impact, visual emails to help make things easier for you. We will also be posting these emails on a Summer Camp Communication located HERE. This page will store all communication you receive regarding the Summer Program. We don't want you to miss out on a single opportunity!

Additionally, if someone isn't receiving these emails, forward them this email and have them join our mailing list! It's that easy! We hope you enjoy it.


***If you prefer to read this email in a different language, you may do so by changing the setting at the bottom of this email.

YOU ARE PART OF THE SEA CAST: Performance FRIDAY, July 23rd at 7pm


The teachers are currently watching all of the videos submitted via the audition form. On July 8th, teachers are confirming their cast list. If call-backs are required, they will occur on the first day of camp.

Unfortunately, we cannot move students from one cast to another due to administrative, staffing, and size purposes.


We are excited to announce that we will be able to sell tickets to your family and the community for "Moana, Jr." We had a very successful run of High School Musical: 2. We welcomed audiences safely back to the theatre!

You will receive a TICKET PROMO CODE for 2 Complimentary $12 Tickets on July 12th. Tickets will go on sale on July 13th, and you will be able to purchase tickets at that time.


Calendar featuring upcoming deadlines, information, and more . . . Made just for you!


Please make sure that your child has Jazz Shoes ready to go for the first day of Camp! We highly recommend you buy these early. Please visit Amazon and purchase flesh tone JAZZ SHOES. Please get them in black. If you have them in tan already, that is ok, but we prefer black for this production.


We request that all students bring their materials in a clear bin. No book bags. This allows us to help students quickly and efficiently find materials. Additionally, the clear bin is a great way for students to store things in a tidy way. Please do not bring book bags to the program. We strongly recommend a large enough bin to fit a folder, a lunch box, shoes, make-up, and misc. items.

Here is the Link we are recommending from Amazon.


Students will be entering through the main lobby of the school this year. This is different than past years. Students will be allowed to enter the school beginning at 8:45 am. They will head straight to their classrooms and await morning announcements and attendance at 9:15 am.

Students will be dismissed from the main entrance of the school. Staff members will assist with dismissal.

***It is required that you remain in your car during drop-off and pick-up.


We will continue to update our Covid-19 policies and procedures to align with the Governor's orders and Loudoun County Public Schools. To monitor our Covid-19 policies, please check out our page HERE.