What We Eat

Katelyn McGee

External Influences

  • Media
-Promoting food companies






  • Economics
-Prices of foods


  • Environmental

-Growing season

  • Technology
-You have steamable vegetable bags, technology made it to where we don't have to dirty up anything

-Creating a can of something to make it be able to stay good for a long time

Individual INfluences

  • Physiological




  • Psychological



  • Personal




  • Culture & Customs

-Dietary Laws


-Social Groups

  • Traditions




Healthy Food Choices

  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans
-Provides information for reducing ricks, nutrition, and fitness

-Encourage Americans


  • Weight Management
-Maintain healthy weight

-Loose Weight

  • Physical Activity Needs
-Regular physical activity

-Reduce sedentary activities

  • "My Plate" COMPARED "Food Pyramid"
"My Pyramid"

-Focusses more on grain

-How many servings a day

-Shows fats & oils

"My Plate"

-Focusses more on fruits and vegetables

-Nothing about fats & oils


  • Specific Populations
Overweight Children
-Grow into their bodies

-Maintain growth & development

Pregnant Women

-Correct weight gain

Breastfeeding Women

-Moderate weight loss

Overweight adults & Children w/ Chronic Diseases

-Consult health care provider manage health conditions