SLB Newsletter

December 16, 2019

Dear SLB Family,

I hope this newsletters find you healthy and happy, ready for a restful holiday break. This semester has been filled with new learning and tremendous accomplishments. With these experiences under our belt, we are ready to enter the new year with a refreshed commitment to our goals - not with a compliance mindset but with a focus on the conceptual goals of our work.

School Leadership provides professional development modules, agendas, sample protocols, feedback stems, exemplar videos and trackers. These tools are designed to help leaders implement strong practices to improve teaching & learning. They are most effective when paired with reflection and continuous adjustment for improvement and now is a perfect time to dig in a see what upgrades are needed for the new year.

Attached below is midpoint reflection framework. Since people support what they help to create - please take time to gather multiple points of view and evaluate what is going well and what needs adjustment. Take this feedback to make "your" campuses unique, cohesive plan to maximize success.

And most importantly, don;t forget to celebrate small wins every chance you get! This holiday season is a time of gratitude - and it is best demonstrated not in large, grandiose moments but in the small every day moments.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday break, filled with small special moments and all the things you love.


Big picture


For A-Team this Month:
  • Professional Development for Jan. 6th
  • Reflection on Fall 2019 with adjustments for Spring 2020
  • Midyears and data reviews for Jan 2020 (who, when, how)
  • TEI completion


  • MOY Reading Levels

Middle Schools:

  • Master Schedules

High Schools:

  • Master Schedule
  • Senior Records Reviews
  • P-Tech Applications
  • % on Track


PLC adjustments

Lesson Planning

Coaching & Tiered Support Plans

Data Practices


Show Call


Campus and classroom environment new year sprucing

Hallways and common area resets

Wrap around data review and meetings for attendance, behavior and discipline

Parent & community communication

Goal setting & celebrations

Big picture


Big picture


Big picture