Music History

from ancient times to now

Ancient times

On this website we found different people who created music in the late 17 and 18 hundreds. It tells you about the peoples lives and how this impacted them and the community around them.
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Music advancements in the last 10 years

On this website we found a small page over what has happen to the music industry, the type of song change, and technology that affects music. We also found music artist that have influenced the music too.
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Primary source

This source was most helpful because it addressed a lot of the questions and just the history of music

secondary source

these were some of my secondary sources. They were helpful because they showed music today and history of them.

Our exhibit

Our exhibit would include:

-A make your own music station

-listen to music now and then

-A playground with piano mats and instruments to play

Our exhibit would teach teens about the music and were it came from but at the same time we would let them enjoy music and have fun.

Our video example

We chose this video because its shows the earlier music and how it changes.