Sycamore Leaf

October 16, 2020


This year, we’ll not be present at school for one of our favorite fall traditions, Mask Parade. Typically, our students create masks and music about a topic they’ve been studying. Then, while the student body sits together in the Courtyard, one class after another tells about their projects and parades around, proudly showing their masks as peers cheer them on.

This year, we would like to offer a Mask Parade alternative, one that gives us all a chance to see and “hear” our Sycamore friends. It will focus on sharing encouraging words that show care and help students recognize feelings and look forward. To participate, each student will:

  1. Take a picture of themselves with or without their face covering.

  2. Add a positive message for their Sycamore friends. This can be a one-word, two-word, or three-word message they use as positive self-talk or words of encouragement to others. This message can be shared as a digital caption on their picture (see link to directions below) or a hand-made sign they hold in their picture.

  3. Share the picture with Mrs. Stanger using this Google Form by October 26. (your child's CUSD Google Apps account will allow them to sign in)

These pictures will be assembled into a school-wide, digital “Mask Parade.” This will be shared online under private settings, visible only to those with a CUSD address (as our students use). Only submit your child’s picture if you want it included in the collection.

Guidelines: Our school’s mask parade is not connected to Halloween. We won’t be wearing Halloween masks but a face covering like those we wear for safety. That kind of mask is optional; it can be worn by students if they prefer or if their family would prefer participation with some anonymity. We will not include any pictures with student names, so please do not add your name or anyone else’s to the message in the picture.

Here are examples of possible positive messages:

· One word: smile, family, reading

· Two words: stay connected, keep practicing, Sycamore rocks!

· Three words: I love school, ”just keep swimming,” see you soon

Have fun!

Mrs. Stanger

Link for photo caption directions:

Join in on Sycamore's Rock Hunt

Governance Council is sponsoring a rock hunt, a socially distanced way for families to encourage one another. Each family will design an image or positive message they'd like to share with the community. Then, they'll transfer that message on two rocks, one to hide around town and another to leave under the large pine near the south window of the multipurpose room. That way, as families take a socially-distanced walk around town, they can look for messages from their Sycamore friends. See the flyer below for more information on this activity.
Big picture


Mask Parade Pictures due to Mrs. Stanger, October 26

Pizza Day, October 28

All day long on Wednesday, October 28, we'd encourage you to enjoy pizza at Pizza N'Such. Let them know you're a Sycamore family and they'll donate 10% of your receipt back to our school. To help things run smoothly, consider placing your order early and opt for pick-up times within the suggested time frames: lower graders @ 4:00-5:30 PM and upper graders @ 5:45-7:30 PM.

Family Vision Board

CUSD's Mental Health Team is encouraging the creation of a "Family Vision Board," a collection of words and pictures that represent you, what's important to you, what makes you happy and what you'd like to achieve. Boards like this can boost motivation and keep you connected to your goals.

Individuals and families can design boards using paper, poster board, magazine pictures, stickers and inspiring quotes. They can submit a picture of their board to have it included in a district-wide video collage. The video will be posted on the CUSD Wellness page and social media platforms as encouragement to be #CUSD STRONG! Submissions need to be sent to Megan Sorel, LCSW at: by Friday, October 23rd.

Here are additional directions:

Going beyond the classroom

In addition to the synchronous learning times with classroom teachers, staff members are working together to support students in additional ways. Many students are participating in

"Response to Intervention" (RTI) groups to access additional academic instruction. Others are joining "WIN," "What I Need" time to access more informal tutoring help and access to an adult for completing class assignments. If you'd like to consider additional supports for your child, please contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Stanger directly.

Also this week, the following activities will be available for students.

12:30-1:00 Monday: Grade 2-3 Book Club

12:30-1:00 Tuesday: Grade 3 Math Club

12:30-1:00 Wednesday: Equity and Inclusion Group

12:30-1:00 Thursday: Grade 4-6 Book Club


When Mary Town, our art teacher, retired in June, we knew we had big shoes to fill! We have just posted the position, and we need your help. If you know someone who would enjoy this role and be a highly qualified candidate for the position, please encourage them to apply at The position will be flown until October 26.