Timing Your Postworkout Fuel

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The author's information in regards to timing post workout fuel could be very useful for the educated fitness enthusiast or athlete. This article does suggest that the individual should have some knowledge in regard to what their macronutrients should be. For the average person reading this article, I would suggest that the author would possible provide that equation or suggest ways the reader could obtain this information (ex. nutritionist or a website). The author also had an opportunity to explain in detain what the actual macronutrients are. Its very common for the average person to not know what a carbohydrate is and actually try to pick a healthy one. Also, the author could suggest that the reader is aware of what meal intervals are. This could have been explained a lot more in detail to the reader. Giving examples that meals should be consumed every 3-4 hours by the person. I do like how the author gave meal ideas to the reader for cardio and heavy lifting workouts. Overall I feel that the author's article is information for the educated or informed fitness enthusiast or athlete that already has knowledge of what their macronutrients should be.