Day of Pink missing voices

The Bullied

Paramore - Monster (Lyric Video)

Liam Walker

Likes: Music (Dubstep, Pop, sometimes Rock), Food, Photography, Art, the colour Pink, etc..

Dislikes: Raisins, Being Late, Skinny Jeans, the colour Burgundy, etc..

Hobbies: Baseball, Photography, Sketching, Running, etc..

Deep Dark Secret: Likes Romance Movies.

A Journal Entry by Liam Walker

They just walked up to me on the first day of school and all they had to say was some nonsense about my shirt. I thought the grade 11's would be more mature. I can't say I wasn't Intimidated though. At least some grade 12's had the decency to stand up for me.

Maybe tomorrow will go a little smoother..?


Sad Cat Diary