How to Choosing

POS System for Your Restaurant

An increasing number of shoppers these days prefer to pay their bills using their credit cards or debit cards. Little we need to say the convenience they afford – they are safer to carry than cash and easy to monitor expenses. Business establishments use equipment connected to the internet to facilitate the transfer of money from the shoppers’ account to their own. The equipment is commonly referred to as POS system.

There are different models of POS system available in the market, and as a small business owner you should be careful in choosing the right system. Some systems are made for large scale operations which may not suit small businesses. Big systems connect hundreds of sales points and cash registers and are therefore more complex to maintain and install. Some of the ideal POS systems made for small business are –

· TVS-E PT 2124K POS Terminals/Cash Register

· TVS-E PT 262 POS Terminals/Cash Register with Inbuilt Battery Back-up

· Wep Bounti BP 20 POS Terminal/Cash Register (Without Battery)

· WeP BP 20T POS Terminal/Cash Register With 5 Hour Battery Backup. Suitable for bakeries, hotels, restaurants, Fast food chains etc.

· WeP BP 85T with Inbuilt Battery Cash Register. Suitable for Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Sweet Shops

· WeP Bounti BP-40+ Dot Matrix Billing Printer. Best Suited For: Garment Shops, Juice Shops/Ice-cream Parlors and Kirana Shops

· WeP Bounti BP 85 Retail Billing Dot-Matrix Printer. Ideal for use in Grocery stores, Super markets and modern format stores

One of the industries that have taken to POS system in a big way to receive payments from customers is restaurants. Their needs are a little different from other POS. POS considerations for restaurants are a little different from those for others. When you shop for a POS ensure that they will in general –

· Give your customers a better experience

· Encourage your staff to work closely

· Improve you restaurant’s profitability

Here are some considerations that are particular to restaurant POS.

· They should have a software particularly made for restaurant

· It is best to install touch screen facility due to kitchen conditions

· It should have a magnetic card reader connectable to the internet

· The POS must include an appropriate cash drawer that can be locked

· It should be connectable to a central computer of the restaurant and kitchen

· Be capable of operating under high humid atmosphere

· Have better tolerance to oil and grit, and also be waterproof

· It should have customer display feature

· The other optional features include – signature capture pad, MICR cheque readers…etc.

Printers should be considered separately. Some printers are more compatible for use in kitchen than others. Talk to the POS system vendor to learn what is best. Give your thoughts to how you plan to connect your POS to the kitchen computers – you can choose cable or wireless equipment. Wireless is a little more expensive, but installation is easier compared to cabling that need maintenance and replacement periodically. A battery backup is a must for restaurant POS.


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