Some News and Stuff Times

Colton Gaeth

Article 1: Wisconsin Badgers vs Kentucky

On April 4th, the Wisconsin Badgers squared up against the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats. Much of the country saw Kentucky as the invincible young team, but the Badgers treated them as any other team, that they just wanted to play their hearts out to advance to the national championship.

The Wildcats and their twin guards, the Harrison brothers, started off strong taking an early lead. That didn't last long after the Badgers tied it up going into the second half. At this point Wisconsin and its fans had hope to beat the unbeaten

During the second half it seemed as though the Badgers were playing 8 on 5 with plenty of horrible calls against them by the refs. Ten minutes into the second half, Kentucky was up by four points, but oddly slowed the pace down causing them to have three shot clock violations in four possessions. The Badgers surged back to win 71-64 and to be the first team to become victorious after taking the court with them in the season.

This game was emotional for both sides, some excited to be on the winning side, others in tears on the other. One Kentucky player was even heard cursing under his breath in one interview.

Was it a miracle? Or just another basketball game? Most Badger fans would say they anticipated this match up, and now they cherish the victory. This shows that in any sports match up, there is a David for every Goliath.

Article 2: Wisconsin Badgers vs Duke

At approximately 8:18 pm central time on Monday April 6th, the NCAA men's basketball championship was underway in the heart of basketball country, Indianapolis. The two teams, Wisconsin and Duke fought for a second time this season, to emerge victorious as the best team in the nation.

The first half was filled with back and forth rallying between the two remaining powerhouse teams. After one half, the score was all tied up at 31-31 and it proved that it could come down to the last few seconds of the game. With many season wins after being down or tied the Badgers had been in this boat numerous times.

As well as the first half, the second half was filled with back and forth play with each team going on a few runs. Within the last two minutes the game was a one possession game with Duke up. But after a controversial out of bounds call made by the refs Duke received the ball and scored to pull away from Wisconsin.

Duke ended up finishing the game victorious 68-63 over the Big-Ten champions. Later being named the player of the year, this was Frank Kaminsky's last game, meaning an era of Wisconsin Basketball under Bo Ryan, may soon come to an end.

Article 3: Discovery World Field Trip

On Monday April 13th, the Aquarius House from Bay View Middle School took a field trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin's discovery world. The students were very excited and the teachers even more.

The students excitement was high until they arrived and were handed packets full of questions to fill out. As the mood dimmed from the questions the students couldn't even enjoy the exhibits and activities.

As one kid named Ryan stated "the question ruined the fun experience", and many would agree with him.

As the field trip proceeded, after lunch they watched a rather interesting show on Tesla, but a few kids claimed they dozed off a couple times finding it very boring.

The majority of the student population that took the trip would have rather stayed for a day of school, but the teachers still believe that museums are enjoyable for the students, and they would be wrong!