By Gabe Gray

Background Information

The Honduras capital is Tegucigalpa and is one of the biggest cities in Honduras. Some other major cities are San Pedro Sula and Choloma.


Honduras was controlled by another country at one point. The country that controlled them was Spain but fortunately gained their indepence in 1821 after spain had decided to declare independence and liberate them from their control. Honduras is no longer under control of any other country. The official language of Honduras is Spanish.
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Geogrifical information

Honduras is located in the upper part of Central America. Some physical features are that in ha many mountainous ranges and lots of elevation, its very tropical and finally has slightly humid weather.

Political information

Honduras is a constitutional country and is a republic, their led by their president Juan Orlando Hernandez who has been president of Honduras since 2014 and is currently age 46.

Economic information

Honduras currency is Honduran Lempira and the economic system that Honduras follows is Capitalism.

Tourist Information

People should visit Honduras because the weather Is very humid and is very tropical, the weather is great for the beach and is amazing weather for surfing it also has many beautiful mountain ranges which are great for tourist attraction.

What tourist can do and visit

There are many tourist attractions in Honduras, so it provides tourists with many places to visit and many things to do such as: Visiting Pico Bonito National park or La Tigra national park, go scuba diving and snorkeling visit Roatan Butterfly Garden, Copan, Rio Platanos biosphere reserve, Celaque national park, Gumbalina Park,Enchanted wings butterfly house,the cante wellness center,French harbor iguana reserve,Lancetilla Botanical Gardens, and finally they could visit Parque Nacional el Cusoco. This is obviously a wonderful place for tourist to visit as there are many attractions and past-time things to do.