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About Me

Well my name is Amber as you can see, I like to participate in a lot of athletic activities, I go on instagram a lot so follow me _.amber_.lagace_. I also enjoy music I have brown hair. I am 14 years old well I will be Thursday. im in 8th grade at highland middle school.


from the results of my self-esteem essay, I have a very high self-esteem

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From the results of an attitude test my attitude is positive. Yep that's me.
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Career Aptitude Result

There are different careers I can have. But i like a detective
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Learning style Results

My learning style is pretty simple just really dont like to read though.
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Personality type

Brain Orientation

my brain orientation is the left side . I am very creative .

Personality Color

my personality color is blue.which means I don't care what other people think of me .
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