Land of Outdoorsmen

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Welcome to Scooterland, You will either love it or leave it with My dictatorship style of government. This government is an autocracy and is authoritarian so only one man is in charge. Scooterland is ran by the famous Ryan. This country is in a unitary form, the power is in Ryan's hand and you will follow his rules in order to live in Scooterland. Ryan is a generous guy and gives the people what they want. Voting is not an option in Scooterland because Ryan will be making all the decisions. But don't worry Ryan makes very fair decisions to benefit all the people of Scooterland. If you decide to abide by the rules of Scooterland you will be asked to leave and if that doesn't work Ryan himself along with some buddies will help you leave.


Scooterland is a well sized country that is located In between Minnesota, USA and Ontario, Canada. We border the counties of Canada and the USA. We are a very wilderness style country. The country is filled with forests and lakes. The scenery of scooterland is breathtaking, while also being able to see the Northern lights.
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About Scooterland

Scooterland is home to 200,000 people that are proud of their country and are true sportsmen and sportswomen. In order to live in Scooterland you must be employed. There are many options for work in Scooterland, mining gold or being a lumber jack are the main ones. Gay marriage is not allowed in Scooterland, in fact people that are gay will be forced to leave this country. English is the main language spoken in Scooterland. Scooterland is made up of many small towns, but also most people just live in rural areas because they like the wilderness lifestyle. Scooterland has some Allies such as the USA, Canada, Prestige worldwide and some others. Scooterland has no enemies because we try to make peace with everyone. Scooterland is all about the outdoors. Hunting and fishing are the main things people like to do in Scooterland.

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Natural Resources

We are very abundant with natural resources in Scooterland. We have one pocket of oil that we pump and use for our own needs. We also have gold that we mine, and timber that we log. For every tree that we cut down we replant two more to really make sure at least one tree will grow back. We are very abundant in wildlife because of the amazing wilderness we have surrounding us.