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Climb on board on the biggest train there is!!

The Boundless is born! Climb on board on the biggest train there is! This beauty has 947 cars. Yes, you read that right ladies and gentleman! It can house up to 6,495 passengers. Ranging from First Class to the Colonist Cars. Since this train stretches for many miles, it has a lot to offer. These tickets are hard to come by. So why don’t we dig into what The Boundless has to offer?
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First Class

We first enter into the First Class cars where it holds individual rooms for the intended privacy. First Class is exquisite. So much that you feel right at home. After you pass the first class sleeping cars you are greeted with a new room to lounge in. The velvet lined walls and the robotic bartenders’ gives off a vibe you would rather not miss. Now we are off to the dining cars where they host extravagant meals every night. Extra, of course.

Second class

Second Class isn’t as desired as First Class, but it has its perks. Although passengers in Second Class don’t have separate bedrooms, they sojourn in Pullman cars that covert to upper and lower berths at night. The passengers have to share but they still have their own personal space.

Third and Colonist Class

As we advance deeper into the car we get to the Third Class cars where it is a little more cramped and appointed. There isn’t too much to say about the Third Class passengers besides the fact that anyone in the colonist cars would trade with them in an instant. On that note, the colonist cars is not a place you want to be. This car is often for people who want a new start with little money. It is very compact and there aren’t meals provided in this section of The Boundless. Although if you travel a little further, you can find some vendors willing to sell you items.

Entertainment cars

This consist of the cars that carry living souls. However, this train does hold a funeral car with the manager of the CPR inside. Cornelius Van Horne has been above and beyond for The Boundless to happen so it’s really no surprise. Don’t think the tour is over now. We still have to go through all the entertainment cars. Scattered throughout The Boundless are a couple Saloon cars, where you can gamble and drink, a parlor, a swimming pool and a couple 24/7 laundromats. Some shopping stores and arcades are located in First Class for those who are willing to pay. How could we not mention the botanical garden and the cinema? The cinema is one of the most amused areas. It is where the Zirkus Dante performs. The ringmaster, Mr. Dorian, has the most talented people with him. William is apart of the Zirkus so he would know.

We have come to an end on our mini journey on The Boundless. Gazette Daily would like to thank not only William and James Everett but the whole crew of The Boundless that has made this opportunity possible. Join the maiden voyage with Kenneth Oppel, the author! - Tammy Dang

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