Laser Engraver Project

Made with EpiLog Laser Engraver on a Bamboo Cutting Board

Who Would This Appeal To?

I believe that this product would be appealing as a holiday decoration piece. The fourth of July is a major US holiday, and is closely associated with decorations and food. With that in mind, I made a product that combined both of those elements. This cutting board would be used in a fourth of July cookout, as it combines patriotism and food preparation.

Obstacles Faced

The main obstacle I faced in creating my product was the engraving portion. I went to get my cutting board engraved the morning of the day it was due. Unfortunately, the machine wasn't functioning properly. I then went in on Friday to have my cutting board engraved, but the program we used to engrave the board didn't work. I then used a different laser engraver, and the product worked out in the end.

What I Learned

The most important lesson I learned from doing this project was that I should delegate my time better. Instead of working on my design for this project in class, I spent my time on the logo project we had going on at the same time. The result was a design that I am not entirely proud of. I also waited until the last minute to get my design engraved, which meant that I almost didn't finish my project.
Hey, Maresh. The finished picture I was gonna get from the guy who emailed me never showed up in my inbox. I'll just take the point off my overall grade.
Cutting Board Time Lapse