Character Education Week 4

March 14 - March 18, 2016

Recap of Week 3

Three Weeks Down! Your progress over the past 3 weeks is going quite well. During week 3 of our course, you should have completed lesson 11-15 in Unit 3. In addition to completing these lessons, you should have also completed your Close Reading Project and Quiz 3. A recording of our synchronous session for week 2 was sent to everyone last Thursday. Be sure to view the recording and email me your response the exit ticket question. Upon receiving your message, I will review your response and apply your participation points.

What's In Store for Week 4?

This week, you will be completing the following in our course:


Learning Target: I will develop a consistent set of personal ethical standards.

Lesson 16: Moral Issues

Learning Target: I will discern moral issues.

Lesson 17: Good Judgment

Learning Target: I will develop good judgment and moral reasoning.

Lesson 18: Developing a Conscience

Learning Target: I will develop and obey my conscience.

Lesson 19: Moral Commitments

Learning Target: I will define my identity based on my moral commitments.

Lesson 20: Moral and Values

Learning Target: I will use my moral discernment to develop personal patterns of commitment.

PROJECT 4: Developing a Sense of Morality and Ethics

In this week's project, you will be required to read a series of writings that focus on the ethics in society. As you read these writings, I would like for you to very close attention to the details that are presented. At the end of each reading, you will be required to answer a question that is related to the specific reading for that day. Remember, there are a total of 5 readings and 5 questions that you must complete for this project.



Talking on the telephone is a major distraction when you are trying to study. Other distractions that you should look out for are the radio, TV, video games, family talking around your study area. Even seeing your books for another class can distract you. So put them away until you are ready to study for the next class. Once you get rid of, as many distractions as you can you will improve you study skills.