Troy's autobiography

troys life

hi, my name is Troy Hausler i was born on july,18 2005 at 9AM. my parents moved from Mckinney TX to Anna TX 10 years ago when i was born. I have 3 sisters and 2 nieces. I am a very shy person. I played soccer this year and we won 3rd place, but one day i was at a game and a kid kicked me in my leg so i had to go to the hospital to get a cast on my leg because i had a fracture on my leg. I love to play on my Xbox one with my dad because we have so much fun together. One of my favorite classes is math because i am very good at multiplying and dividing as well as P.E because i get to play games with my friends. My favorite school lunch is spaghetti. when i turned 3 years old my parents made me a big birthday party. i like going to six flags and ride all of the rides, and eat ice cream. i would like to be a doctor when i grow up.


1 mom, 1 dad, 3 sisters, 2 nieces, and 2 brothers in law and 2 grandmothers,and 1 grandfather.