Down Syndrome

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Reason for Choosing this Genetic Disorders

I choose down syndrome because it is the most common genetic disorder in the world. It affects from 200k to 3 million people a year! Also happening in some other mammals species.

What Is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome, name after the man who discovered it John L. Down, is a fault or alteration in the 21st chromosome. It is also called Trisomy 21 because one of the cell during sexual reproduction has three of the gene instead of 2.


List of Physical Alteration

  • Low Muscle Tone
  • Small Stature
  • Upward slanting eyes
  • Rounded eyes
  • Flatten face structure
  • Single crease in the palm of the hand
  • Brushfield spots
Patients with this condition can have physicals effects very severe or none at all.

Causes Down Syndrome

During fermentation when meiosis is occurring and the genes are splitting an error occurs where on the 21st chromosome there is an extra copy. This extra copy creates many problems in development. This is the cause of 89% of down syndrome cases.

Rarer cases of down syndrome occur when the father provides the extra chromosomes. Cause of 7% of the cases.

The rarest cases of down syndrome occurs after fermentation during development of the embryo.

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There is no standard treatment for down syndrome. The only way to cope with it is therapy. Prevention is a biggie on down syndrome, spreading early awareness to prevent.

Population Effect

Down syndrome can occur with anyone, even other mammals. As many from 200k to 3 million cases of down syndrome occur every year.

What I learned

I learned that not only humans can get down syndrome. That tigers are the second most common creature for the mutation. That all amazing looking white tigers have down syndrome and are bread to have it. I also learned there is more than one way to get down syndrome. I discovered who discovered the gene.
The Truth About Down Syndrome