The Hero's Journey

How the Odyssey Impacts Modern Literature (TEK E1.2B)

Job #1: EDpuzzle

Go to EDpuzzle and view the assigned power point called "Conventions of Epic Poetry" (2:23). There are 7 checkpoint questions to answer as you follow along.

Job #2: Modern Story Matching

1) Examine the "Characteristics of the Epic" chart on page 1194 in your Literature book (picture at the right).

2) Think of a story, a book or a movie that you believe closely mimics the characteristics of an epic.

3) Complete the assignment in our Google Classroom called "How Does the Odyssey Impact Modern Stories and Films?".

4) Refer to my Prezi example below if you need help jumpstarting your thinking.

5) Be prepared to share your ideas with your classmates.

Job #3: Watch a movie clip

Watch this movie clip (8:41). It's a preview of the Odyssey, Book 9. We'll be reading this for class.
A odisseia - Cíclope ( The odyssey - cyclops )