Improving our Practice through Data Analysis

Welcome back to eLC time!

Last year, we worked together to analyze our AP data in order to make informed decisions about our AP courses and AP teaching. So much important change resulted from this eLC time!

We want to continue on this path again this year. With our core mission to improve student learning, eLC time is valuable . Thank you for your commitment to your team and your students!

Week of October 6, 2014

Your one hour of eLC time each week is important!

Use information from this article on effective eLCs!

Tom Moncrief's Video


We could do a LIVE session as a follow-up to brainstorm with the teachers about how to apply these ideas.

Diana Shaw and Mary Ward

Growing A Positive Rapport With Our Online AP Students

1. For each one of the points below come up with one example of how it can be achieved. For example - searching for ways to create relevant celebrations: 1. Birthdays, some kids love birthday celebrations 2. Ask students in a text to share one positive experience they had this week that you can share with the class in an announcement

Foster and stimulate a compassionate environment by...

  • Asking authentic questions and listening to responses
  • Searching for ways to create relevant celebrations
  • Connecting via extra-credit questions through text, email, phone call
  • Demonstrating we care through our actions and words
  • Discovering ways to build trust through authenticity and transparency
  • Empowering the disenfranchised (apathetic and/or struggling learners) through peer-led workshops rather "tutoring"
  • Remembering to be human
  • Maintaining a positive outlook
  • Considering how perspective can alter perception
  • Reflecting upon what you can and cannot control
Please consider these methods for fostering and stimulating a compassionate environment.

2. In addition to the list presented share one new method.

3. What methods have you tried? What were the results? Which methods will you try?

4. Once completed the list will be compiled and shared as a useful resource to all AP teachers