The Statutes of the Mediterrannean

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First Rule of Law: Thou must be Hospitable

DO: "In return, he gave me splendid gifts, he handed me seven bars of gold, a mixing bowl of solid silver, then this wine. He drew it off in generous wine jars." (Book 9)

DO NOT: "Here we stand, beholden for your help, or nay gifts you give-- as custom is to honor strangers." (902) Polyphemus is reluctant to help Odysseus and his crew.

Second Rule of Law: Thou must not practice Adultery

DO: "For three years, Penelope has put off choosing a husband for three years." (Book 19) Penelope remains faithful to Odysseus even though there are men willing to court her.

DO NOT: "She swore at once,as I demanded, and after she had sworn and bound herself, I entered Circe's bed of love."(921)

Third Rule of Law: Thou must not Trespass

DO: "Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar and enters his palace.(943)" Odysseus, when dressed as a beggar, enters his own home, although others mistake him for a suitor. Since he owned this land, Odysseus was not trespassing unlike the other suitors.

DO NOT: "Ill go across with my ship and crew and probe the natives living over there." Odysseus and his men go to the Cyclops island uninvited, which is trespassing.

fourth rule of law: Thou shalt obey and respect the greek gods

DO:" Leave the last word to the gods-they're much stronger." (book 22) Odysseus knows the gods are stronger and have more control over his battle between the suitors. Odysseus respects the god's power.

DO NOT: " Eurylochus did not agree, and he and his men feasted for days on Helios's cattle."(book 12) Odysseus's men disregard Helios's power and feast on his cattle despite being warned.

fifthRule of Law: Thou must not Overindulge

DO: "Two sirens, noting our fast ship made ready, and they sang... but all rowed on, until the sirens dropped under the sea rim, and their singing dwindled away(book 12)." Odysseus' crew did not indulge in the Siren's beautiful voices.

DO NOT: As a result of Polyphemus' overindulgence in wine, "[they] bored the great eye socket while blood ran out around the red hot bar.(904-6)"

sixth rule of law: Thou shalt not leave another man behind

DO: Penelope does not leave or forget about Odysseus even when he has been gone for so long. She continues to have hope for his return.(book 21)

DO NOT: Odysseus puts himself in front of all his men and lets them die for him(book 23)