Resources for Teachers

By: Tresse Keplinger

The Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel is a wonderful resource for teachers. It has hundreds of videos for teachers to watch and learn from. Below, you will find five videos that can be found on the site.

Surf the Net with Kids

Surf the Net with Kids is a wonderful resource for teachers created by Barbara Feldman. It has numerous kid-friendly activities and information to explore!

Web 2.0 & 21st Century Tools

This wiki is full of resources and ideas for teachers. There are also links for other blogs to check out as well!


Pinterest is full of great ideas to use in the classroom! You can browse ideas under the education tab, search for a specific idea, or click the second link to check out my education boards!


Edutopia is a site created by George Lucas. The site has numerous ideas for teaching, and allows you to browse by grade level.