Abington Vale Primary School

Weekly Newsletter

Welcome Back. I hope you all had a lovely break and you and your children are ready for a busy term ahead!

Isban UK Graduates (technology soloutions providers for the Santander Banking Group)

Our older children are going to have an amazing opportunity to work with some graduates from Santander. The aim of this project is to get our older children thinking about why they are learning and the purpose it has for later life.

The graduates will be running a series of workshops starting with ‘Team Building’ (year 4 will work with them on Friday 8th January); Inspiring Young Mathematicians for year 5 and 6; Coding introduction year 4 and 5 and life skills work. I’m sure you will agree this is a great experience for our older children!

Microsoft Associate School

We are now a Microsoft associate school and will be having staff specialist trained (they have a great title of Microsoft In Education Experts or MIEEs!) The children will be introduced to one note, one drive etc and KS2 will all be given emails and of course safety training. One of the benefits arising from this is that we will be able to provide Microsoft Office to every student free of charge! Information will be sent to you shortly.


We are carefully monitoring attendance and give rewards to the class with the best attendance. This term it was Miss Barrett’s class with 98.6%, well done! Each child will receive a swimming voucher to use at their leisure. Termly attendance will be displayed in your child’s class if you are curious to know how your class has done!

Year 2 SATs meeting (crèche provided)

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 3:30-4:30pm

Ashford Close


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Parent's Evening

Tuesday, March 15th, 5-8pm

The Avenue

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