Peter The Great

One of Russia's most famous tsars

About Peter the Great

  • He was six and one half foot tall, handsome and strong
  • he was very simple in his manners.
  • Yet again he drank heavily
  • Did not tolerate dishonesty
  • Was very terrible with his anger
  • Was cruel when he encountered opposition.
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Peter is just so great!

  • Peter Alekseyevich Romanov was a Russian czar or ruler
  • known for creating a strong nation.
  • He established a strong navy and modernized his army.
  • He was an active ruler and left such an impact that he made Russia out of the medieval times that by his death, Russia was considered a leading eastern European state.
  • His reforms had an impact on on the domestic political structures of Russia.


When in rule he set up foreign policies which were divided into four sections:

  • Strengthen diplomatic relations
  • Access to the Baltic
  • Internal expansion
  • Access to the Black Sea

Party Animal for a Russian Ruler

  • Peter the Great hosted wild drinking parties at mon plaisir.
  • It was a house specially designed for the purpose of partying.
  • Peter had a mad drinking group 'the Most Drunken Synod'.
  • Peter wrote the group's commandments and one of them being that the members are to get drunk every day, and might never go to bed sober.
  • The synod organised the wildest and wackiest parties imaginable.