By Abby Meyer

Size and Population

Russia is 17,098,242 square kilometers. Russia's population is 142,470,272 people. It is also the largest country in the world. The U.S. Is the third largest which makes Russia about 2x the size of the United States.

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The right to have an education is stated in the constitution of the Russia. Most schools in Russia are state schools but they do have private schools as well. There are three stages for the school system first is the primary education then basic general education and then there's secondary education. Most student finish school by the age of 17. Russian general education is focused on the intellectual, emotional, moral and physical development of the student.

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In Russia's economy the top individual income tax rate is 13 percent. They joined the World Trade Organization in 2012, but some barriers such as tariff-rate quotas on agricultural products continue to prevent imports. Russia's exports are mostly grain, sugar beets, sunflower seed, vegetables, fruits; beef, milk.

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Physical features

Russia is made up of low lands, mountains, forests and swaps. Russia's physical features are mostly mountains. The most famous mountains are The Ural and Caucuses mountains. There are also lots of lakes. There's the Brosno Lake, Ladoga Lake and Pleshcheyevo Lake.
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Russia's military is the biggest in the region. The Russian army is at about 285,000 troops. For military services males are registered for the draft at 17 years old. They have troops called contract soldiers, who must serve at least three years in the Russian military. And then there's Conscripts that only serve one year.
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