Made by Ankith Bhat and Teighan Smyth


Listening, understanding, talking, writing, and reading all are involved with language and are all parts of language. Language is a system of communication that using all these parts. You are using language right now as you read this.

Standard Language

Despite a language having multiple dialects, one dialect is formally used for business and government. In the United States, the Californian dialect (double check) is used as the standard language for all purpose.


Dialect is the regional variation of of a language distinguished by vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation. An example would be that in United States in our dialect we have emphasis on non accented vowels, unlike in Britain where nescessary sounds like nescess'ry.

Pidgin Language

A language where people combine parts of two or more languages into a simplifies structure and vocabulary. An example would be the phrase "dem no go look at di way" this is a pidgin language because it has a simplified grammar and vocabulary of a lingua franca, English.


Refers to the combination of English and Spanish. This is not a Pidgin Language because does not simplify the language. The phrase "I left my adentro" which means "I left mine inside" is a combination of English and Spanish.