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Development of Articulate and Effective Television Commercials using 3D Animation

Animation involves creation of motion to inanimate objects through continuous play and repetition of these objects .The typical speeds used to create motion are 20 to 30 frames per second. This technology is currently gaining grounds in the field of advertising due to the wide application and unusual movements created.

Features of 3D over Normal Television Commercials

3D technology utilizes computer technology to create features that cannot otherwise be drawn by the most creative artistes. Great lighting, painting and color effects are achieved than normal television adverts. Computer aided 3D animation is able to bring out exceptional features such as;

  • 1) Creation of Images, which cannot be filmed by cameras.
  • 2) Developing pictures and images not available in the real world such as people landing on planet mars or on any part of the moon;
  • 3) Great works of art that were destroyed by man or natural reasons can be recreated to appear as they were before;
  • 4) In some television commercials, events that could cause extreme damage, high cost or even impossible to do have been achieved through animation techniques. These events are highly appealing to people and produce great TV commercials for advertising.
  • 5) 3D animation in television production can invent images that have never been produced or seen, therefore adding to originality of the adverts.
  • 6) Moving images are produced from still life photos, figures and even from maps. With this concept, commercials can be generated from photography with advanced techniques.
  • 7) Natural and supernatural phenomenon’s is simulated with 3D animation production to create unique video clips.
  • 8) It enables actualizing abstract thoughts into concrete images and motion.

Current research and trends in 3D animation

In the field of education, a lot of effort has been directed to creation of animated learning designs, which have been perceived to impart knowledge better than ordinary learning systems. More advanced softwares are emerging every day to match with increasing quality requirements and more effective television commercials.

Animation Production Phases

Various steps involved in the production of animation systems include design phase, modeling phase, scene arrangements, transformation, assembly, creation of unique effects and finally transfer to video or even film.

Common Challenges in 2D and 3D Commercials Production

Creativity is very important in animation systems and is the key to getting attention from the target audience. Manual development of animation designs was also posing a serious challenge to producers but with the introduction of computer softwares, greater heights have been achieved of 2D animation designs for TV commercials.

Other Applications of 3D Applications

Apart from creating television commercials, animation systems are applied to a wide variety of productions such as in the movie industry where they have been used to create high-ranking movies. They have also been applied in education to illustrate concepts and laboratory experiments, which would otherwise be hard to illustrate.


Animation is the ability to create an illusion of motion in otherwise inanimate objects .It has gained widespread popularity in making of television commercials .This has been due to increased creativity and originality provided by animation systems.

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