Crow Agency Public School

Apr 11th - Apr 15th, 2016

Achieving Our Dreams through Education

Parent Teacher Conferences

We had a good turnout for parent teachers conferences; higher than usual for the Spring conferences. Kudos to our parents.

iStation & Grade Level Meetings

The week during grade level meetings will be to look at "bubble" kids.

In April and May we will not have "on demand" assessments. Our Benchmark assessments will happen in May.

Running Club

Students will be running in the morning before school. If you would like to give Mrs. Roundface some assistance or walk with students in the morning you are welcome to do so.
This video talks about students in Australia but has implications for us as their demographic is placed in a similar context as ours. Although we are not as isolated as they are and his students were a bit older; the idea of being relevant to context and authentic relationships can be very useful.
TEDxDarwin - Chris Garner - Transforming the Teacher in Indigenous Education

This week at a glance

We will be taking iStation assessments with the mobile labs.

The state SBAC assessments will starts April 11th.

Mon. Apr. 11

Carolyn Keeton onsite

Mrs. Elhard's Class has a field trip at 8:30 am

Tue. Apr. 12

Carolyn Keeton onsite

Mrs. Zerbe's Class has a field trip at 8:30 am

No Alta-Care today

Wed. Apr. 13

Positive Parenting Classes at 5:30 pm

Guardians of the Living Water after school

Mrs. Yarlott's Class has a field trip at 8:30 am

No Alta-Care today

Thur. Apr. 14

Fri. Apr. 15

Staff Meeting: Book study 2:15 pm

SBAC State Assessments this Week

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Safety Day April 20th

The schedule was distributed last week in the teacher mailboxes. Let me know if you need another. A special thanks to Nancy Shumway for working with local agencies and programs to help organize this upcoming event for our students.

This is a intelligent and humorous talk that was very entertaining where Cadmus shares his educational journey through stories.
Owning my identity | Cadmus Delorme | TEDxRegina
In this talk the presenter calls into question how we relate to the most vulnerable students in schools.
Bringing Cultural Context and Self-Identity into Education: Brian Lozenski at TEDxUMN
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Crow Agency Public School

Crow Agency Public School is located in the heart of Crow Country and serves grades Pre-K to 5th.