Hunting in Canada.

From Mid September to Mid October!

Places to hunt moose.

Hunting moose can take place in Ontario Canada, at dog lake near thunder bay. Dog lake has 13, 209 acres of land giving you plenty of space to hunt moose's and black bears. Alberta is also a great place to hunt moose. There are about 21 hunting outfitters offering moose hunts in Alberta.

Firemarms are Rifles.

Moose hunts can only be done by Firearms. Firearms are portable gun that launches one for more projectiles. Hunting rifles are also used for hunting moose, hunting rifles are designed to fire from the shoulder. When hunting moose, you can also use a bow of your choice.

Facts about Moose hunting.

Hunting moose is a great sport and great on money. In Quebec a moose hunt can be done for about $1000. Moose hunts can take place in mid September to mid October. To go Moose hunting, you would need to bring hunter hats and vests, weapon of choice (gun or bow), bug jacket or repellent, hunting knife, and rain gear.

Hunting in Canada.

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