Steam Boats

By: Sami Thomas & Sreya Cherukuri

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People Involved

Both John Fitch and Robert Fulton were involved in the invention of steamboats.

What Steamboats Did

A boat was powered by a steam engine.

To the right is a picture of a steam engine

Years Steamboats Were Used

Steamboats were in use from 1787 through the 1800's.

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Impact of Steamboats

Steamboats were used to ferry people up and down the Altalntic Coast, but it revolutionized travel in the West on the Ohio, Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers.

Importance of Steamboats

Before the steam engine, people had to use river current or muscle power to propel the boats. Now that the steam engine could power a boat up or down a stream, the steamboats opened a new era in river travel.

Change in American Life in the 1800's

Steamboats moved poeople and gave farmers and merchants a cheap way for moving goods.

Steamboat Bicentennial: Celebrate in Paducah

What Steamboats Looked Like