Periodic Table Element Project

Mia Brown - iron

Iron - Fe

Atomic number:26

Atomic mass:55.845

Valence electrons:8

Group number:8

Facts about iron

-one of the most plentiful elements

- plant need iron to survive.

- the sun and starts contain a large amount of iron.

- very common on earth

Basic facts about iron

Melting point:2,800F (1,538C)

Freezing point:2800F (1,538C)

Boiling point:5,184F (2,862C)

Discovered by: Dr. Doug Steward

Date discovered:the date is unknown, but it dates back to 400 AD

Reactivity:iron reacts in moist air

Uses of iron

-Iron is in surgical equipment

-Iron chloride is an important compound that is used in treating sewage systems.

- iron is used in buildings, bridges, skyscrapers, and other types of construction work