Mrs. Hubacz's ELA News

January 9, 2016

Language Arts

Welcome back! It was so nice to see all my sweet students after our long break! It didn't take long for us to get back into our routine again!

This week we explored the Drama genre in reading. We read a play entitled “The Strongest One”, a Zuni fable. Our vocabulary words were decorated, symbol, darkened, gnaws, securing, and weakest. We discussed how plays are written and the purpose of stage directions and acting. Students designed their own “costumes”. Ask your child which part he/she had. We held several rehearsals and on Friday, both classes performed the play for Mrs. Mitrani's kindergarten class. The student did a terrific job!

Second Grading Period Report Cards

Report Cards came home on Friday. Please sign the envelope and return it on Monday. The report card is yours to keep. If your child was on the Honor Roll, they received a coupon from Chuy's. If they had Perfect Attendance, they received a coupon from Chick Fil A. Our next grading period will end in March, prior to Spring Break.

Baby Pictures Needed

Please send in a baby picture (4x6 or smaller) of your child in an envelope with their name written on the back of the picture and written on the envelope. We will use it for a fun “Guess Who” activity we are planning. We’d like all pictures to be sent in by Friday, January 15th. Thanks!

Upcoming Events

Nov. 6 - Galatas Family Movie Night @6:30 p.m.

Nov. 10 - GT Parent Information Meeting - 10:00 a.m.

Nov. 9 - Fun Run Kickoff Pep Rally @ 2:15 p.m.

Nov. 12 - Third Grade Program @ 2:00 and 6:30

Nov. 16-20 Generation Texas Week

Nov. 19 - Fun Run, Cattail Park, Third Grade @10:30

Nov. 20 - Thanksgiving Feast

AR Book Finder

Find the reading level and number of AR points for the book your child would like to read.

Renaissance Learning (AR Website)

Check your child's AR progress here.

Social Studies - Section 34 Homeroom

This week, we completed our United States Government Unit. We have learned about how our national government is defined by our Constitution. We discussed the three branches of government and their responsibilities. Additionally, we learned there are three levels of government: national, state and local. We will have an open-book test over the unit on Tuesday. Each question will have a page number where the answer can be found. However, it will help that your child has a broad understanding of the structure of our government.