Marine Corps JROTC

Cadet Summer Program

Parents and Cadets:

Many have asked about CSP and have been looking forward to a schedule. While picking out a block of days is easy, filling those days with meaningful training and assigning talent to drive the training is a more difficult task. This summer, the task is made even more difficult by COVID and the restrictions that it creates. In past summers, we enjoyed unlimited attendance - the more the merrier. This summer however, the restrictions placed on us by our (temporary) circumstances require us to make some adjustments. Therefore, the physical training aspect of the summer program will be open to all, but when we adjourn to the classroom and gym for lessons and drill, we will have to restrict the number of Cadets. The number of Cadets will of course be dictated by the size of the space we are occupying. Therefore, we will have to make certain attendance decisions on the fly.

June 22 through 25 (08:00-10:00) will be Staff training for the new Officers. June 29 through July 30 (08:00-10:00, Mon-Thu) will be the Cadet Summer Program (CSP) for first-year Cadets.

Each day of CSP will begin with Physical Training, followed by either Drill Instruction or new-cadet academics on rank structure, organizational structure, and JROTC policies. That’s as defined as we can make the schedule in order to remain flexible enough to to react to a dynamic and evolving situation with UIL and Allen ISD policies.

We cannot provide Physical Training (PT) uniforms, nor can we launder them in the school’s laundry facility. We cannot provide water coolers for the Cadet’s convenience. All students must provide their own PT apparel and must bring their own water. I cannot promise that the water fountains in the school will be available to refill water bottles, to please be prepared to bring a large enough container for the entire day. All students will be required to bring and wear a face covering while in close proximity to other students.

Thanks for your patience. This is a temporary inconvenience and we’ll be at a full sprint in no time at all.


Sergeant Major Cole.