By: Haley Hsu

The Meaning of Perseverance

Perseverance means doing something outside of your comfort box, to go beyond your limits. Perseverance also means to overcome an obstacle, whether it's something as small as presenting in front of a big crowd or as big as a life changing movement.
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Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway is a 34 year old man who was a soldier in the Iraq war. Noah decided to join the army after hearing about the 9/11 attack, he quickly got out of the army when he was injured, causing him to lose both his left arm and left leg. After losing both body parts, he became really depressed. A few years later he joined the show Dancing With the Stars. Showing others how he persevered. Today Noah not only has inspired people through dancing, words, and looks but he has also showed everyone what it's like to be resilient after a tragic time.
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Chilean Miners

33 Chilean miners were trapped in the San Jose Mine for 69 days. They barely had any food and water. When the time came to come out there was some chaos. With who would get out first? last? or how they were going to get out? The only thing they had left was hope, so they just hoped everything will turn out alright. All 33 men persevered by doing whatever they can to survive. They showed positivity and strength through it all.
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Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is a surfer. At the age of 13 she lost her arm to a shark attack while surfing with some friends. She was in a lot of pain during the process of fixing her arm. At many times she just wanted to give up surfing and never think about it again. But she kept going and persevered. Now today she has inspired so many people with her ability to surf with one arm and still be positive about it all.
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Other people who have persevered

Overcoming adversities

All these people have shown us what perseverance is. they showed us how they dealed with their adversities. What we can learn from this is that even through rough times, all you have to do is get up and work hard for what you want. All these people didn't get what they wanted just from sitting around all day. They had to work hard for it, even if it was difficult, they kept going to reach their goals.
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